Silver Lining: Meet-up Tonight! (+ Imagine Dragons)

May 21, 2013

Meet-up Tonight! (+ Imagine Dragons)

First things first. Blogger meet-up tonight! Meet at the uppermost pavilion of Rock Canyon Park at 7:30. Lemonade, picnic blankets, cookies. Some of my favorite local bloggers will be there, and I'm excited.

Secondly, I went to see Imagine Dragons last night. Such a high-energy, amazing show (there's still a ringing in my right ear, which I take as a sign of success). Although I kind of feel like I gave myself the worst wife ever award (a cliche I swore I'd never use on this blog). You see, I got these tickets for Sam for his birthday. Everything was awesome until Sam came down with a terrible headache (his only migraine since we've been married. He's not a migraine guy.). None of our friends could take the tickets, so the next thing I knew Sam had called and arranged for me to go with my brother. So I went, leaving my husband at home with a migraine on what should have been his birthday outing. I felt kind of guilty, but at the same time... it was a pretty incredible concert.

P.S. Last night we discovered Jason at the top of the driveway, out with his telescope at midnight. I'm not sure if we should be mad that he snuck out, or proud that he's so passionate about something and literally can't sleep thinking of it. The views he was getting of Saturn didn't suck either.

from earlier that day

Other than that, school (and life outside of school) is still crazy non-stop until the end of the year. The things that occupy my time, however, are fun and fulfilling. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I get to see my little brother for the first time in two years this Friday. So excited.

And that concludes my random updates.
See you tonight?


  1. imagine dragons are awesome. i went to high school with dan, the lead singer. they used to have new years parties at their house every year in high school. pretty neat seeing them so popular now.

  2. I wish I could be there! That'd be awesome to meet all you amazing bloggers! I will be out in Utah county the end of July for my half marathon! Maybe a meetup is in store?! :)

  3. AH this is so awesome. I adore them, and I would have KILLED to go to their concert. Also... your short hair looks so darling. I'm jealous that you can just let it air dry and then go!

  4. Imagine Dragons was AWESOME--great choice to go...I went with my husband and my 14 and 12 year old. Best last minute decision!! Looked like we were just up from the you--our picture angle was a litte higher--so much fun. :)

  5. That so sad about your husband migraneduring his bday! But at least you got to go to Imagine Dragons concert with great company! I love that band <3


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