Silver Lining: I'm scared of summer break

May 19, 2013

I'm scared of summer break

from last summer

To tell you the truth, I'm kind of scared of summer break.

I'm the type of person that needs to be busy. I don't know if I was born that way or if I made myself that way, but having nothing to do is AMAZING - for a week or so. Then, I start to get nervous and antsy and I overeat and feel weird that I'm not scheduled for at least 10 hours each day. Also, I want to be a contributor. My paychecks keep coming all summer, but I still want to use my extra time to contribute a little more financially. Or just to have more money to spend at Target, to which I'll inevitably be making daily trips this summer :)

(Is this normal? Or does it mean I'm some sort of weird, high-stress, type A, can't-relax personality? And the biggest revelation of all - I'M TURNING INTO AN EXACT COPY OF MY DAD.)

So here are the things I want to do this summer. For my sanity, mostly. Also, I sometimes forget that relaxing IS doing something, and I can feel productive about doing things I enjoy.

  • read one book a week (that's a minimum of 13 books)
  • get a 10ish hour per week small job (I think I almost have one down. But in the meantime - anyone want a private tutor for their kids this summer?)
  • exercise 5 times a week (so excited to have more time for this)
  • reorganize all cupboards and closets 
  • help Jason with merit badges (scouting... yay...)
  • finish a few big projects for my classroom next year
  • get a good tan, dang it
  • go on a few vacations (if I had my way, Sam and I would be touring the U.S. all summer)
  • spend more time blogging and building blogging relationships
  • lose the last 15 pounds (I'm over halfway there!)

And there you have it. What's on your summer list?
And how crazy am I for not being able to do nothing for too long?
Although, looking at these pictures from last year,
summer might not be so bad after all :)


  1. I totally feel you. The first three weeks of summer are absolute heaven and then I go crazy. Also Greg and I fight way more often in the summer I have no idea why. Something about not feeling productive or like I'm contributing to society makes me want to pick fights. I am also looking for something part time to earn a little extra money and keep myself busy (What job did you find?!?)

  2. I tend to get the same way during break! Luckily I have to take classes this summer in order to keep up with my husband. Working and college has solved my productivity problem. I can't wait to see what you come up with to do!

  3. I nanny for a teacher so I have the summers off from work too. I know what you mean...last summer I felt pretty stir crazy especially by the end! Haha. But this summer I am moving out to utah so it will be different.
    You have a good list going:)


  4. Oh my goodness I am in the exact same boat! I hate just sitting around and not being productive at all. It makes me feel bad! I can be type A sometimes... And unfortunately, I am turning into an exact copy of my dad also!

  5. Look at you! Always so productive! If I had a summer break, I would be useless! lol But I do like your list. I'm thinking I need to add these on my list of things to do!


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