Silver Lining: distracted.

May 16, 2013


The end of the school year is one big race. I should be putting together my students' portfolios, and getting the last of their grades entered and moving my classroom to the newer one around the corner. We're doing dance festivals and field days and end of year projects all day long.

But I'm feeling a little distracted. Turns out teachers get as stir crazy as their students as soon as testing ends (which was yesterday afternoon, and oh boy, it's been rough ever since!). I'm kind of ashamed to admit this, because aren't teachers supposed to be maximizing every second of education?

I even have a million almost-done blog posts, but I can't bring myself to spend 5 minutes and publish them.  You know that work-avoidant, can't concentrate feeling?

So instead you get a few pictures from my walk with Sam tonight.  Because the best thing to do when you're feeling distracted is to ignore everything you have to do and go for a walk :)

P.S. When school ends, my best teacher friends and I are getting in a car and going on a teacher vacation. I'm. So. Excited. A few days in a nice house by a pool, shopping and sleeping in and doing anything BUT getting up early and taking care of kids.

How bad is it that I want summer to come as much as my students?
Is there a cure for the end of year cabin fever?
And I know, I know, 
in two weeks I'll be posting about how sad I am that it's over. 
But in the meantime...

1 comment:

  1. I completely know how you feel. the end of the year bring such a range of feelings. & this teacher vacation sounds perfect - how fun!


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