Silver Lining: two years ago this week

May 15, 2013

two years ago this week

we had engagements taken in this gorgeous venue. The tulips were still up from the tulip festival.

Yesterday, we worked all day
folded 100 paper cranes
watched arrested development
did a paper crane victory dance
and went to bed.

We have a routine, a new normal, and I like it. It's pretty great having Sam and exact-clone-Sam (Jason) around. Don't get me wrong, two of the exact same person can drive me crazy sometimes, but on most days I quite like them.

And back to the pictures. Manicured gardens. Springtime. Amen.

And um. If it's a little quiet around here, it's because the end of the school year just might kill me. So much to do, so little time, such crazy fifth graders.


  1. Good luck getting everything together for the end of the school year! I bet it's such a stressful time of year. Also love the first photo you look stunning!

  2. My husband's brother was recently staying with us--and I was shocked at how similar they are! It really was like having two of the same person!

  3. i love the tulip festival!
    and good luck with everything.


  4. You are just the cutest girl ever!!! I absolutely LOVE these pictures!! :) You're the greatest!! :)

  5. AH these are darling pictures! You guys are so cute together


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