Silver Lining: blogging to you from paradise today

June 19, 2013

blogging to you from paradise today

Today, this post is coming to you from the beautiful wildflower plains outside of West Yellowstone, Montana. Our family comes here every year to stay at a family cabin. Our cabin is kind of rough and comes complete with orange shag carpet, but somehow it has just enough beds year after year, and we absolutely love it. If things are scarce around here for the next week, it's because I'm spending time with family, relaxing, adventuring, and plotting how I can live here for the rest of my life and never leave :) In the meantime, you can follow along with me here on instagram, or see my posts from previous years here.

Do you have a little piece of paradise too?
Where is it for you?


  1. oh my gosh, you are living my dream this summer! you have been to so many beautiful places already - I love it! we went to yellowstone last summer. so fun!

  2. Definitely take a blogging break and enjoy how beautiful that is. So fun! I love taking little breaks from real life :)

  3. ahhh so jealous!
    paradise is lake tahoe.
    i might get to go for two days this year, ahhh! i haven't been in forever.
    have so much fun lady.


  4. I was totally just talking to my husband about how I want to take him to Yellowstone. I grew up going there as a kid, and he has never been. Looks like so much fun.

  5. My paradise is my parents' condo on the Oregon coast. It sits atop a cliff and I love falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. I'll be going there in 2 weeks!

  6. Looks lovely!



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