Silver Lining: watch out, South America!

June 18, 2013

watch out, South America!

So, I have a lot of brothers. Five, to be exact. And let's not count step-brothers or brothers-in-law, because the number gets ridiculously high into the teens. Suffice it to say I grew up with brothers and I loved it. Boys don't intimidate me. In fact, sometimes I think it's easier for me to get along with guys than girls.
The almost missionary and the just-got-back missionary
Anywayyyyyy, back to the point. Which is that my brothers are awesome. So far, they have all chosen to serve 2-year LDS missions. One brother just came home, and another will be in an airplane to Colombia by the time you read this. They both gave talks (sermons) at church on Sunday. One brother gave his homecoming talk, one gave his farewell talk. They are both such great inspirations to me.

All I can say is I'm three for three for brothers who went on a mission to South America somewhere (Taylor went to Brazil, Covey went to Uruguay, and John's en route to Colombia). And watch out, Colombia, because you ain't seen nothin yet. Here comes John, and he will be 110% amazing.
you can see where the term "little" brother comes from...

I love my family. And missionaries. The end.

I will not cry when I say goodbye to John...
I will not cry when I say goodbye to John...
I will not cry when I say goodbye to John...


  1. hey i have 4 brothers! and like 9 brother in laws haha so i totally know how you feel. i get along way better with guys than girls. and missionaries are the best. i bawled my eyes out every time one of my brothers left

  2. How amazing!! I love families and missionaries too!!

  3. ok so exciting, but sad at the same time.
    but so awesome!



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