Silver Lining: the last of the red rocks

June 6, 2013

the last of the red rocks

Some highlights from the rest of my mini-vacation with my family (read about the magic waterfall here):

+ making a quadruple decker human pyramid

+ Nicko having a breakdown on the hike. He made it 50 yards in.

+ hot tub/ pool antics (the strategy was to stay in the cold unheated pool for as long as you can, and then make a run for the hot tub. And I mean run! Poor Adalyn was running so hard she ran right into the sliding glass door)

+ LOTS of yummy snacks and treats

+ this trip could be subtitled In Which Covey Rediscovers his Muscles. If you know him, you know how true this is ;)

+ and one lowlight - Jason slipped down a rock and his hand landed in a cactus. You would not believe how many cactus needles can lodge themselves in one twelve-year-old hand! I was picking those things out for a long time. I'll spare you the gory (bloody) details, but suffice it to say Jason is really brave. Didn't even cry.

And now another conglomeration of pictures: from instagram, my camera, and various phones. It was fun to get together with my family for a few days in between brothers leaving for missions.

What's been your favorite family vacation?


  1. Oh my word, that HAT!!! So darling!!

  2. wow what a gorgeous place! your photos are so beautiful!

  3. Sounds like such a fun trip! And I love the pictures! I especially love your short hair! And that hat is just so cute! I need to be brave and start wearing hats! I always love them on other people but I'm too scared to wear them myself!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I'm glad Covey found his muscles. He wouldn't be Covey without them!

  5. ACK. Being from Arizona, I'm way too familiar with the cactus in the hand thing. Poor Jason!


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