Silver Lining: where the buffalo roam

June 25, 2013

where the buffalo roam

It's official. I'm a cowgirl.

When you first get there, our annual vacation spot doesn't look like much. The ranch is old, and nails poke through the ceiling in some parts. The lake is only 40 degrees, and feels like 10. It smells like cow poop.

Even so, try spending a morning curled up with a blanket overlooking rolling wildflower plains and tell me it's not like heaven.

Just try to hike or take an ATV ride in those woods, or canoe and relax on the beach and tell me it's not like heaven.

And most of all, try roasting s'mores and roaming Yellowstone park with your family (or doing anything at all with your family), and tell me it isn't somehow good for the soul up there, nails poking through the roof and all. I love it there.

*All of these pictures are from my insta-documenting on our trip. Our Hebgen trip is my favorite part of every year. See more @brookejanette.

Let's hear it for vacations!
Can I get an amen?
And now that all my traveling is over,
what am I supposed to do the rest of the summer?


  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2013

    Gorgeous photos! It does sound like a nice slice of heaven :D

  2. It doesn't smell like cow poop! But everything else I agree with :) Including it being the best part of the year! Glad you had a great time. Did Jason love it? Sometimes Hebgen is an acquired taste :)

    1. It was rather cow-y this year. But yes. So fun. And Jason loved it. I think it was way more of an acquired taste for Sam his first year than it was for Jason!

      We really missed you. I had a huckleberry soda in your honor.

  3. Smores & Yellowstone sounds great :)

  4. that first photo of you two is ADORABLE!


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