Silver Lining: facial hair and murder suspects - the usual

June 26, 2013

facial hair and murder suspects - the usual

Well. This picture. I don't know what to say, except that this silliness happens on the daily here in the lovenest.

Should I check Sam in to a mental hospital, or should I check Sam into a mental hospital? If anything should ever happen to me, it looks like we just found murder suspect number one :)

In other news, the sexy goatee pictured here came off yesterday. Shaving day was the saddest event of the summer. Or, it was going to be, until Sam decided to shave in segments, and then try to woo me with various forms of creepy facial hair (how about the super mario, dear? the handlebar? the hitler? don't you want to give a kiss to the man with the hitler mustache?) (let it be known I do not kiss men with hitler mustaches). Stuff like that really takes the sorrow out of any facial hair loss occasion, you know?

BUT, just to show that our unconventional family can look normal after all - here's us at my brothers' homecoming and farewell talks last Sunday. Although I just realized we have a bad case of the fake smiles when the camera comes out. Hmmm. 

And that's my rambling for today. It's getting warmer and warmer here, and summer is in full swing! Hello, pool every afternoon, and 15 minutes of laying on the floor by the fan when I get done with my workout (you know you've done it).


  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2013

    I couldn't help but laugh at how Sam shaved off his goatee in segments - my other half does that too. It cracks me up all the weird ways they can shave!!

  2. My husband always shaves in stages--leaving a soul patch or a creepy "bad guy in a western movie" nustache. Why do they think it's so amusing? So now I've started attacking him with my clippers when I give him a haircut and shaving his whole beard before he gets a chance to fuss me.

  3. i love that first picture! so fun! :)

  4. Love these photos!

  5. They looks so funny! haha Cutest pictures ever

  6. Ok I'm so loving the photo!


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