Silver Lining: wildflower plains at sundown

June 28, 2013

wildflower plains at sundown

Here are the last of my pictures from the gorgeous Hebgen Lake, Montana. I don't usually take my nice camera on ATV rides or to the lake shores to prevent it from getting dirty or breaking. So these are pictures of the wildflower plains right outside our ranch. It was pretty rainy and cold this year, but we found a night that was clear, so my little sister and I snuck out for a few pictures. Isn't she gorgeous?

I keep promising myself that next year, I'll take my camera more places and capture more moments. But then again, maybe I won't. Part of the magic of Hebgen is that people don't have their phones or cameras on them all the time. I want to enjoy my vacations with both eyes open, really being there, and not through the filter of a lens or camera screen. In fact, in some ways I feel like being fully present in a moment is becoming a lost art.

And now a quick plea before I go - as you know, Google Reader is shutting down on Monday. That means many of you won't be able to enjoy this blog like you normally do. This is the time to switch over to a new way to follow me! I'd recommend liking my facebook page or following me on bloglovin to stay connected and read more of Silver Lining. And thank you, readers. You really do make the whole thing worth it (and then some!).

Do you think being present is a lost art?
Do you leave the camera at home sometimes?
Happy Friday!


  1. gorgeous photos.
    your sister is adorable.
    and i want to go to this place.


  2. love your pictures. and i am the worst at taking pictures when im doing really fun things. i think id rather be in the moment. but then i remember, "oh i should take a picture so i can blog about this" haha

  3. Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but if I read just through blogger, is that staying? Help a confused girl out! Haha

  4. Gorgeous photos. That looks like such a relaxing place.

    And I agree, I think getting lost in a moment is getting thrown to the wayside in our share it now society! It's nice to just enjoy, you know?

  5. It looks so pretty there & so do you standing in it! :(


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