Silver Lining: awkward + awesome

July 25, 2013

awkward + awesome


+ last week someone sent us an anonymous package. Cool, right? Until it was a "how to save your failing marriage" self-help book. No note or anything. So I guess someone out there thinks we're on the verge of divorce? Sam and I looked at each other awkwardly... and then burst out laughing.

+ me doing zumba. enough said.

+ a friend hacked my facebook recently and updated my status. He said he found my facebook open on a fourth-floor computer lab on my alma mater's campus. I haven't been on campus for months...

+ last week I tried to make cookies, but somehow ended up with flour in my hair, one egg splattered on the floor, and a broken kitchen-aid, all within five minutes. And then I burned the first batch. You'd think I'd never baked before.


+ at school we each got an iPad Mini for our classroom. I've been downloading cool educational apps all week.

+ i went grocery shopping and came out $39 under our weekly food budget. What up kids. It felt like stealing.

+ whenever we go on road trips, Sam and I have this magical routine. It's called I fall asleep the whole way there and he wakes me up when we've arrived. Hashtag best naps ever :)

+ new facebook and bloglovin followers. It may seem silly, but it makes me happy.

+ a holiday in Utah celebrating when the pioneers first arrived in the valley. Anything that means a day off work and lots of fireworks is good with me!


In other news, I lost a hair-growing contest, we went ziplining, the people at the waterpark practically know us by name, and I grow a little sappy when I realize Sam and I have been married for almost two whole years. Follow along on my favorite form of social media @brookejanette. I usually follow back :)

Happy Thursday!
What's something awkward or awesome in your life?


  1. I couldn't help but laugh at your awkwards! I would have given up on baking ha ha.
    Good thing your awesomes make up for it!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 25, 2013

    the marriage self help book. I'm cracking up. hahahahaha

  3. I love the All My Friends are Dead book! My husband and I have it displayed on our living room table right next to our wedding album :)

  4. Awesome that you apparently know our friends Keaton and Sarah! Now I have even more reason to stalk your blog ha.

  5. your awkwards are killing me! oh my!!

  6. um wow! Your awkwards had me laughing the whole way! How crazy?!

  7. pleeeease! teach me your stealing-from-the-grocery-monster waaaysss!!

  8. i love your short hair, love it



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