Silver Lining: in the interest of full disclosure

July 23, 2013

in the interest of full disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure: we love having Jason around, but it can also be kind of fun when he's gone (he's visiting his family for a few days). We bought a new bed for our currently non-existent new apartment, and it's sitting down the hall in our spare room. Last night we acted like mature adults.... until midnight rolled around and it was blasted hot in our apartment. At that point, we found ourselves running down the hall in our pajamas, squealing and jumping on the bed. That's how you truly test out a new bed :) Our new bed's softness and jumping-upon ability was reaffirmed, and I can't remember having laughed so hard in a while.

These pictures have nothing to do with anything, but, you know. Blogs. I wasn't planning on taking pictures of myself that day, but when I'm hanging out with my family for Sunday dinner and realize I have my camera in my bag, anything can happen. I'm not a fashion blogger (where's the lipstick? where's the statement necklace??), but thanks for scrolling through this baby anyway!

Linking up to Plane Pretty and the Pleated Poppy.


  1. Cute. I love these lazy summer afternoons.

  2. well maybe you SHOULD be a fashion blogger! ;)

  3. How fun! I love jumping on our air mattress :) And your bow is darling - you are gorgeous!

  4. YOUR SKIRT. I am green with jealous rage right now.

  5. well im def glad you posted them! I think you look lovely!

    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance

  6. That is such a lovely and flattering skirt. You look so pretty in it.

  7. goodness, i definitely will be so happy when we buy a new mattress.
    we will bounce on it and we will be able to get sleep1

    and i love this skirt!


  8. Love the outfit! :) And I think I need to get a new bed so we can have a jumping party!! :)

  9. So adorable! Jumping on your new bed is a perfectly natural way to brake it in :)

  10. haha love these kinds of posts, just simple this-is-me-right-now...they're the best! Easy and carefree. And you look just lovely! That bow in your hair is precious.

  11. What a pretty skirt. I love the floral pattern! Sometimes the least planned days/posts are the most fun!
    Stopping by from the sunday style linkup!

  12. I loooove the flower pattern on your skirt.

    And fashion blogging? Pf! I'm on the same boat. When I do dress up I take a nice picture or two in the mirror. That's how sophisticated my fashion blogging is. It's about being yourself and having fun. :)


    Ana Paula


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