Silver Lining: the waiting game

July 22, 2013

the waiting game

Over in the Emery household, we're playing the waiting game.

all pictures from my evening walk yesterday

We need to move, but we haven't heard back yet from our favorite place we applied to, and we're reluctant to put money down for other places until we know.

I'm waiting for the floors to be waxed at my school so I can get into my new classroom to set it up.

We need to be scouring consignment stores and buying furniture, but again, we don't know where we're living yet, so I don't want to buy anything that won't fit or match.

Sam has several new job offers, but he's waiting to have interviews and visit the job sites to start making a decision (I'm super excited about this though. You know the dream stories they tell you in college about how when you graduate, people will be recruiting you right and left? It's actually happening to my husband! Probably because he's such a stud :)

We need to be taking things off walls and packing closets up, but I hate to prematurely pack up things I use every day, and I don't want to live in a bare home for too long.

Jason is waiting for his mother to come visit him.

Saturday night, I found myself waiting. Sam and Jason had taken a mini-road trip that turned into a rather long trip, and I was at home alone. Waiting for my dinner to finish cooking. Waiting for them to come home. Waiting to switch the laundry. So I took a walk. I don't know for how much longer we'll be in the neighborhood, and I sure will miss it. The manicured lawns, the hidden lanes and walkways, the occasional vacant lot.

I guess the key to waiting is to STOP WORRYING. Life has a way of falling into place on its own time, and I have a way of messing things up if I do it my way ;) And thank you Katie for our conversation last night that helped me realize this.

Then again, with all the waiting, we've been to 7 Peaks two times in the last three days, watched movies we never seem to have time for during the school year, and I've read four books this week. I'm sleeping in, going to lunch with my aunt, going to pool parties with my young women and squeezing in a raspberry peach slush from Sonic every chance I can get. Okay, I only had a slush once, but helloooooo every happy hour for the rest of the summer! So I guess, if I was forced to admit it, the waiting game isn't that bad :)

Happy Monday! And thanks, readers, as always, for following along. This whole thing is worth it (and then some) because of you.

Tips to stay sane while playing the waiting game?
And how long until I can call and check on that housing application?
Is there a protocol for such things?


  1. i feel like we are kind of playing the waiting game, maybe its more of the searching game? haha. but hmm how long ago did you guys apply? what company was it through? did you have to pay to apply?


  2. I love your perspective on this... sometimes it's SO HARD to be playing the waiting game like you guys are, but there are always things we can be doing to make it better. Like walks and slushies and books and water parks. I think you are handling everything beautifully!

  3. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    I know the hurry up and wait game all too well, seems like you do a much better job at being patient than I do! Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things coming your way :)

  4. Those are some beautiful views while you wait! :)

  5. I am not a fan of the waiting game. I feel like our entire marriage we have been doing it. We were in school so we were waiting to graduate and then since graduation a year ago we have been going between different jobs and trying to find something Race likes. We have moved three times with the fourth happening within the next six months. It is definitely hard. I am constantly having to learn to stop worrying and enjoy the present. I absolutely love this post and I hope that everything with job interviews and finding a new apartment works out!!

  6. We're waiting too. Patience. That's a thing, right?

  7. I always kind of start to feel blah this time of year. The first month off of school is amazing and then by the end of July I am so ready to be productive and busy again. Weird.


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