Silver Lining: California vs the shores of Tahiti - what's there to debate?

July 16, 2013

California vs the shores of Tahiti - what's there to debate?

Summer is wedding season, and thus, anniversary season. Our own anniversary plans were cut short when we found out we were moving - it looks like we'll spend our big day unpacking boxes and hauling furniture up stairs instead of going to California. Some day, we'll make it to California for an anniversary though! Some day.

The good news is that there's a way to celebrate without spending too much time or money. I work for a company (in addition to teaching) called 5th East Hall - ever heard of them? You're about to! They didn't pay me to write this, but I'm passionate about this place, so here we go:

5th East Hall is half reception center, half luxury themed suites. So basically, why go to California when you could spend a night in Maui, or Paris (or Tahiti, or Rome, or Beverly Hills)? I've been in all the rooms, and they are gorgeous. I'm dying to sleep in the king sized ROUND bed in Beverly Hills, and feel the real sand under my feet in the Tahiti room. The waterfall shower in the Maui room is almost unreal, as is the massage jet shower for two in the Rome room.

one from last weekend's reception

So even though an extended trip isn't in the works for me this anniversary, you better believe we hope an overnight stay in Tahiti or Paris may happen. Who knows, maybe it could be in the works for you too. Check out their rooms (and their awesome packages that go with it) here.

Some iPhone pictures of the rooms. Real pictures coming soon.

And now for a shameless plug because I'm their social media consultant: you can find them on facebook here, and you should like their page now, so you can participate in our upcoming giveaway of one free night's stay in a room of your choice. Which I'm hoping to win myself, lezbehonest.

And that's my bit about bemoaning my anniversary fate, and a more cheap yet exotic and luxurious option. Three cheers for Sam for being such a good sport about canceling our trip and staying more local. And for people who build themed inns for a time such as this :)

What do you do for anniversaries?
Any other must-dos in the area?


  1. Lets please plan your anniversary trip to ca for next summer when I will be there :)))
    So cool I can't wait to hear more about your new job!

  2. OH man, these look amazing. I say, come to CA and then we can meet live and in person! :-)


  3. holy cow.
    that looks amazing!

  4. amaaaazing! I can't wait to go! ;)

  5. amazing. amazing.
    and what do you we do for our anniversary, we go to dinner.
    i know we will get that real honeymoon one day!
    and i guess maybe we could have an anniversary in cali this year ;)


  6. I love that you threw in there.. "and they didn't even pay me to write this.."

    So amazing.

    I'm sorry moving trumped California, and I'm sorry for stalking you:) but not really!

  7. How exciting!

    Larissa - Household Diaries

  8. I told Race about this awesome place! I think that this would be perfect for our next anniversary! I've never seen anything like it before. Thanks for sharing! :]


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