Silver Lining: I have a really good feeling about this

August 29, 2013

I have a really good feeling about this

Things I currently have a good feeling about:
  • fall (my favorite season of sunshine and crunchy leaves and pumpkin patches)
  • carpooling to work 
  • that chocolate cookie I had for lunch
  • Jason teaching me how to make the most amazing bagel sandwiches
  • conversations during lunch (I laughed until I cried at lunch earlier this week. the principal had to come in to tell us she could hear us down the hall)
  • fall family pics (trying to pick a good local photographer! Suggestions?)
  • next month when my upgraded salary paychecks start coming (I forgot this was the last month of my old salary until I checked my bank this morning. dang it.)

Here are some family pictures from last year (taken by the lovely Kirsten). There's just something about fall, you know? Or maybe it was that chocolate cookie for lunch today. Either way, I have a good feeling, and not even the fly that wants to land in my hair as I type can dampen it.  Happy three day weekend! I plan on getting one last swim and snowcone run in, if I have to drag Sam and Jason every step of the way :)


  1. What gorgeous photos! Love all the fall colors!

  2. No, no! It wasn't the chocolate chip cookie! There is definitely something about fall. :) The pictures are gorgeous. :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  3. beautiful pictures! they are perfectly fall-ish :)

  4. Beautiful pics, beautiful couple! I wish you love forever!

  5. miss you lots. love the fall.



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