Silver Lining: winding down (+ a few blog changes)

September 2, 2013

winding down (+ a few blog changes)

^^An evening walk in the park 

Labor Day is one of my all-time faves. I mean, a free day off work for almost everyone in America? (sorry, retail, but not that sorry because your sales are so good...) In all seriousness though, I was raised on hard work, and I'm proud to be a working professional in America. Also, three day weekend.

As promised, this was our official Goodbye Summer weekend. Swimming, hiking, football, sleeping in, finishing up a book, and possibly two rounds of Icees were involved. I even have a weird sunburn line on my chest to prove I was indeed sitting poolside looking down at a book ;) A small contingent of Emery boys came to join us at the last minute, and it's been awesome having them around.

^^I wasn't joking about the Icees

And now, as our four-day work week starts up, I wanted to share a few changes happening around the blog:
  1. I won't be accepting blog sponsorships for a while. Now that I'm back to work full time, it's hard for me to give my sponsors all the attention and shoutouts I feel they deserve. (Plus, passionfruit ads, lame.) So, at least for now, I'm putting a hold on button swapping and other blog sponsorship ads.
  2. I decided to begin working with a few social media companies, so you'll start seeing some sponsored posts popping up here and there. I'm a huge believer in little to no sponsored posts on a blog (I hardly ever read one of my old favorite blogs anymore, because it's almost all sponsored content), but I will sponsor occasional posts for products I actually like :) 
  3. I'm pregnant

And before I go, a cool trick Jason learned this weekend. Follow along for more aerial stunts and late-night Icee runs @brookejanette :)


  1. yay! that is so awesome.
    i'm glad you guys had a good weekend.
    we spent out weekend apartment hunting.
    with no success, whomp whomp. no fun.

    and i agree with you about a lot of blogs all writing about only sponsored stuff.
    i seriously hate it.



    I died.

    You're hilarious.

  3. not cool.

    my heart just jumped out of my head.
    and then i read the next line.
    call me.

  4. lol i was like BABY!!!!!!!!! then sad face ):

  5. I love your blog and love the happiness you portray. Thanks for stopping by our little corner! xo


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