Silver Lining: the best wedding advice I've ever heard

August 26, 2013

the best wedding advice I've ever heard

My cousin got married last weekend, and it was a beautiful, fun day (just like weddings should be). During all the wedding festivities, I've been thinking about the best marriage advice I ever received. It was shared by my cousin-in-law at a wedding earlier this year.

He said, “I wake up every morning, look at my wife, and say to myself, 'I'm going to be madly in love with her today.'" Every single morning he says that, and by saying that, he recommits to his marriage, and thus his marital happiness for the day.

Why stop at marriage? What if, every single morning, we woke up and said “I’m going to love my job today.”
“I’m going to love my commute today.”
“I’m going to love my body today.”
“I’m going to be madly in love with my spouse today.”
“I’m going to love where I am in life today.”

It doesn’t have to do with your situation or possessions. It doesn’t have to do with brainwashing yourself into anything. It just has to do with perspective, and finding the positives in every situation. The silver linings in life (holla to my blog name).

And think of the power your marriage would have if both partners thought like that. If, every single day, you remembered just how lucky you are to be someone who's found an amazing person to share your life with, to go through the tough times with, to be happy with. And you will be happy, because happiness is the best choice you can make.

Thanks Matt, for giving that speech that day. And thanks Sara and David for providing such lovely pictures of your temple exit :) You just can't fake smiles like that.


  1. i love everything about this.
    also what a cute couple!


  2. so my co-worker is cousins with David! Small world! And what sweet advice!

  3. What sweet advice! I really like that. :)

  4. I love this! Thanks for the beautiful reminder to re-commit to my marriage every day :)

    xo, Jessica

  5. That is awesome advice!! Too many people act like 'love' is something they have no control over, but that's wrong. Love really is a choice!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  6. oh, that is simply darling. i love that advice!

  7. Such amazing advice. Thank you for sharing!

    And congratulations to the newlyweds; they look soooo happy! Great photos.

  8. Beautiful! Great advice for marriage and everyday life. Something to take to heart!


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