Silver Lining: Friday's letters (to russian dancing and immortality, among other things)

August 23, 2013

Friday's letters (to russian dancing and immortality, among other things)

To the wedding dinner last night,
It's always fun hanging out with the Covey side of the family, and the russian dancing was something else. As was that authentic Thai. Yum.

To my husband,
You don't get enough recognition for walking 5 miles round trip to work every day so I can take the car. It won't be that fancy porsche you want, but how about a moped? I could see you rocking a moped :)

To myself,
Being a second year teacher has made all the difference. They always say the first year is hard, but it wasn't until this week, now that I'm a second year teacher, that I realize how much more comfortable and easy it is the second time around. I have a good feeling about this school year.

To the summer storm last night,
You outdid yourself. I loved every second.

To my ward of the state,
I'm so proud of you for rocking your first week of middle school! Sam and I are so lucky to have you. Bring on the homework this year!

To this weekend,
You're the sweetest sounding thing I've heard in days. Back to school week is crazy, and I'm pretty sure I only slept at night because Sam made me go to bed. Please be good to me. AKA please let my hours of lying on the couch, snuggling and watching Life of Pi be uninterrupted.

To immortality,
This week my anniversary flowers apparently discovered your ancient secret. They have yet to clue me in.

And to my husband, who deserves five more of these,
I love you.

Happy weekend!
And ah, the weekend never sounded so good.
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  1. For crying out loud, we have a car sitting here that you can use! !!!!! (I suddenly felt that deserved a few more exclamation marks.)

  2. ahhh only having one car. ryan and i both settled on both walking haha.
    and those flowers, beautiful.


    1. Thanks K! He did a good job picking them out :)


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