Silver Lining: my yearly blogging identity crisis

August 21, 2013

my yearly blogging identity crisis

Every year at the beginning of school, my blog goes through a mini identity crisis. First, I start posting and posting and posting about teaching. Then, I stop having time to read other people's blogs (don't ask how many unread posts are in my bloglovin right now). Then, I look at my posts about silly things like clothes, and compare them with what I consider to be my infinitely more fulfilling and purposeful career, and blogging kind of comes up short.

All of a sudden blogging becomes this thing in the corner that you look at every so often, like "what are you doing here?" It's the short kid with the extra large tee wandering around at the family reunion.

In a few more days, I'll get back in the groove. My schedule will be more routine, my posts will be more balanced, I'll mark all those posts as read read each post and comment faithfully, and remember there are other things to blog about besides teaching (right? aren't there?). I'll get back in the groove and blogging will be my friend and needed outlet. Yes, even the silly posts about clothes. So if you're sick of the teaching posts, I promise they won't all be about teaching. Just 99% of them, so we're good :)

And now a tiny anecdote from my first day of school: I prepared a little speech to give my kiddos when school started. You know, welcome to school, 5th grade is awesome, etc etc. Throw in some smiles and verbal exclamation marks and you're set. So I get up in front of everyone at the beginning of the day, all ready for my speech.

Me: "Good morning students! Welcome to 5th Gr-"
Student: "I have a bloody nose! I have a bloody nose!"

That's as far as my speech got. Welcome to the fifth grade. I love it :)

*photos by KNW - first seen here. K, I miss you.


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  2. haha! oh my goodness, i bet your speech was awesome! and your outfit is adorable! and i love reading all of your posts, so you have at least one faithful reader ;)

  3. lolz embarrassing, i was designing kelsey's blog and didn't realize that i tried to comment on your blog while logged in as her. whoops

    anyways, you look cute
    and i miss you, so come visit me. love ya!


  4. Can you believe it's time for another year of school?! I'm not ready. And I don't even teach.

  5. Can you believe it's time for another year of school?! I'm not ready. And I don't even teach.


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