Silver Lining: the grand opening

August 7, 2013

the grand opening

The difference is in the details. I've been to many wedding receptions here in the Utah Valley, and I swear on the fact that it's the tiny details that make the difference between a good venue and a breathtaking venue. It's easy to tell if something was designed with a dollar amount in mind, or with the guest in mind. I guess the details are what made me first love 5th East Hall, which I am so fortunate to work with.

I went to the grand opening of their themed rooms and reception center last week. After the official ribbon cutting ceremony, guests toured the immaculate themed rooms, sampled the staff's favorite savories and cake flavors, and just soaked in the ambiance and gorgeous decor in the main hall. It was a relaxed, fun, and delicious night. Thanks, 5th East Hall, for a gorgeous evening, and thanks to the many blog friends who came too!


  1. looks gorgeous brooke!

  2. the CAKE. Love those flowers quite a bit.

  3. i think it would be such a great place for a wedding reception!


  4. Ok, that cake was seriously some of the best I ever had! Oh, and I'm still talking about those shrimp egg rolls, or whatever they were. SEriously, so good. So sad I missed ya!


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