Silver Lining: a sunflower bridal shower

August 7, 2013

a sunflower bridal shower

engagement picture not taken by me

Meet my cousin Sara. She's gorgeous, she's a super smart accountant, and she's getting married (funny story: her fiance is actually my third cousin on the opposite side of the family. So basicallyyyyy my family's intermarrying now. It's fine.).

Krysti and I were lucky enough to throw her a bridal shower last week. The sunflowers were hand-picked earlier that day, and provided the perfect low-maintenance, happy centerpiece for the evening. We served a fruit platter along with cheesecake and various toppings.

David came to the shower too (and after spending all summer in Thailand away from his Sara, who could blame the guy?). There was many a story retelling, and we used my handmade mustaches and lips to play a little get-to-know-you game. The day of the shower ended up also being our moving day, so I was a little exhausted and neglectful when it came to taking pictures, but here are some pics I did snap.

^^this is my straight from moving, didn't shower, don't even know where my shower curtain is, or my hairbrush for that matter look. I know, it's cute.

We're so happy for you Sara, and we can't wait for your big day! 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. im pretty sure i know him, whats his name?
    also i freaking love sunflowers.


  3. You really do look cute!!!

  4. just realized you said his name, gosh he looks familiar.

  5. oh goodness i miss all three of you.
    looks like a wonderful time brooke! skype soon.


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