Silver Lining: around here (pictures of our home)

September 17, 2013

around here (pictures of our home)

When it comes to decorating, I'm an all or nothing person. My walls were blank for weeks after we moved in. Even Sam was getting suspicious about the lack of things I asked him to hang (and then re-hang when I decide it needs to be lowered juuuuust a few inches). I kept telling him I was waiting until a decorating vision came to me - you know? Some sort of the-sky-is-falling, hits-you-between-the-eyebrows type of revelation?

That vision came to me last Saturday. There I was in Summerhays Music, debating with a man who wins the prize for Greatest Apathy Ever Displayed in One Salesman about which size of reed to get for Jason's clarinet. (Fascinating fact: clarinet reeds come in sizes. Apparently.)

So there I was, watching the salesman second-guess his decision once again ("but really it's just player preference. I used a three when I began learning clarinet, but you have to keep the clarinet manufacturer in mind...") when BOOM! I knew how I was going to decorate the treehouse. And I was going to do it right now! today! before the sun goes down! And then I made two whirlwind trips to Target, one trip to Home Depot, and several forays into our spare bedroom, rummaging through boxes. Just like that, my husband had a list of things to hang (and then rehang just a few inches lower please), and it was up.

Of course it's nothing great, but it's simple and cozy and we like it. Meaning I like it and my two boys are mostly apathetic and happy they don't have to hang anything for a while :) I even remembered to pay for the box of reeds on my way out of the music store.

Slowly but surely, it's coming along.

^^best salt and pepper shakers ever^^

 ^^I spy a pre-bedtime nap^^


  1. I love it Brooke! You did a wonderful job! I especially like all the fun things on those wall shelves. Lots of pretty textures.

  2. so darling! so cozy! love it!

  3. I think its so nice you have an E for Elisabeth on your shelf so you can always remember me :)

  4. Looks great! You guys have a very cute apartment. Now can you come decorate my house?

  5. yes, i love it! im working on mine now.
    but mainly just working on getting the big boxes out of the place haha.

    oh and elisabeths comment hahahaha.


  6. i love the colors, it's so cozy! I wish we lived in a more permanent place, not a stinky old byu apartment lol

  7. Ah I love this! And I'm impressed at how quickly you did all this after just moving in. Definitely inspiration ha!


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