Silver Lining: Chalk the Block

September 16, 2013

Chalk the Block

Friday night, chalk the block happened. Or rather, it didn't happen, and that made it all the more fun.

Chalk the Block type of events exist all around the world: artists reserve a parking stall, use chalk to make their space into a work of art, people come and look, money goes to a good cause. This weekend, a local Chalk the Block was put on by the Riverwoods (shout-out to my cousin Matt, one of the photography and design geniuses of the Riverwoods). I was so excited to go, but then it rained (read: poured and flooded) all day long.

I love a good rainstorm, but we were worried if Chalk the Block would even be happening still. There were a few completed stalls that survived the storm, but mostly we saw a lot of artists in action, kneeling on the concrete parking lot for hours and redoing their creations. Seeing them work their magic was really cool. In fact, I'm pretty sure Jason would have stayed forever and watched them paint (chalk?) if we had let him.

All in all, we loved it. Walking around, listening to the live band, seeing the tips and tricks artists use to create texture in their chalk, and saying hi to a few friends and bloggers there made for a fun fall evening, rain or no rain. Let's do it again next year :)


  1. That looks so cool! I've never heard of any events like that going on near us!

  2. So sad we missed it this year, wahhh! LOVE Jason's Disco pose, lol! PS lovin your outfit! <3

  3. So fun. You looked so cute! And it was so fun to have a quick hello!

  4. chalk art is seriously amazing.
    so glad you guys were able to see some of the work even though the rain spoiled it.
    you guys are cute.



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