Silver Lining: best readable teacher fonts

October 20, 2013

best readable teacher fonts

I never thought I'd be one of those teachers who loves teacher fonts. Right? Because there will be about three kids who don't understand the standard algorithm no matter what font it's in. And kids will hate homework no matter what font it's in.

But after my first year of teaching, I've officially jumped on the teacher font bandwagon. (I blame you, Natalie, for my slow-burning revulsion of Comic Sans! :) But when you're grading large stacks of paper for hours, the font makes all the difference, I swear. Cute fonts are also great for letters to parents and things like weekly reading logs that you'll look at every day of the school year. Plus, my students actually notice and comment on the font when it's a cool-looking one. ("Mrs. Emery, did you know that where it says weathering right here, it actually looks like the word is weathering away?!?") (Yes, yes I did notice that. In fact, I planned it.)

So come one, come all, and join the world of teacher fonts. Even if you're not a teacher, these are cute for blog headers and sidebars. I did promise myself I'd never type an entire paragraph in size 12 cutesy hard-to-read font. A few of my blog friends do that, and as much as I love your blogs, it's hard to read that tiny cutesy font! But for everything else, here are my fave fonts. What I love best about these is that they're all readable, and free! 

All of these were downloaded from for free. (The top font is called KG A Little Swag.) Enjoy!

What are you fave fonts?
What font do you use most on your blog?
If you're a teacher, are you a teacher font fan or not?


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad I rubbed off on you. Fonts make everything fun!!!

  2. Fonts definitely make things 10x more fun!

  3. I love cute fonts! I think they make all the difference. I won't go into a store/restaurant if I don't like the font their sign is in, lol. Font snob.

    Currently my favorites are Amatic and Miniver. That's mostly what my blog is in, lol.

    Visiting from Sunday Social Blog Hop!


  4. Ok I must have lost your blog in my switch to Bloglovin but don't you worry I'm back following my favorite elementary school teacher now! Us in secondary ed are slow to accept cute fonts but I'm gonna embrace them now that I see they'll make my grading life happier. :)


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