Silver Lining: sneak peek of my very first wedding

October 14, 2013

sneak peek of my very first wedding

This weekend I photographed my first wedding. I have a major soapbox about people pretending to be "real" photographers when they're not. But, despite me protesting my extreme lack of skills, they asked me to help out with their big day anyway :) Photographing the wedding was FUN. I loved it!

Austin and Kaitlin (and both their families) are the type of clients photographers dream of. They're easygoing and happy no matter what. It sure makes my job easy! Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Radmall for a great day!

More pictures coming soon :)

And now I'm researching camera upgrades and photography certification classes, because one day I think I'd like to make that jump and become a "real" photographer. And when exactly is the earliest one can shop for camera lenses on sale during Cyber Monday? Shouldn't stores have that up by now? After all, it's already the middle of October!


  1. Your photos turned out gorgeous! How fun that you were able to photograph their wedding! I just love weddings :D

  2. Aw, I love Kaitlin! And Brother Radmall was my Bishop two years ago :) I'm so bummed I didn't get to make it to her reception on Saturday... Good job with the pics :)

  3. Brooke! Lets have a camera chat one of the days :)

  4. Brooke! Thank you again for the photos Austin and I couldn't be happier with the way they have turned out! You are awesome! :)

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  6. I too have a passion for photography and hope to turn into something more one day, but I do disagree with you that pro equipment and photography certification classes make you a 'real' photographer. You can have both and still suck. In fact I've come across photographers like that. On the other hand one of my friends is a pro and completely self taught. I follow this girl online who is also completely self taught and takes the most incredible shots. Very inspiring!

    What you need to be to call yourself a pro (I think) is the proper equipment, the know how how to work with said equipment (whether you are self taught or went to school, who cares) and talent & an eye for capturing the moment! Let's not forget talent please!

    1. I agree!! Personally, I think thinking certification classes are a waste of time. Please don't hate me. Hear me out...It wouldn't make me hire than person over someone that didn't have it. Maybe take classes for practice and hone your skill or to learn the camera. I'd practice what you want your style to be, because people tend to look that and portfolio instead of "resume."

      If you are looking for a DSLR, I'm a Nikon girl. However, Canon and Nikon are equally great! My go to camera lens is the 50mm.


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