Silver Lining: if it's not baroque, don't fix it

October 13, 2013

if it's not baroque, don't fix it

Once you get to 7th grade, you get to pick your schedule a little bit more. Our big tough 7th grader signed up for an art class this term. Since then, our whole house has been full of his sketches - on the calendar, on the whiteboard, in every possible notebook, in our gratitude journal, on the bathroom mirror with dry-erase marker. He especially likes drawing humans and horses (or, as we like to say around here, HORSIES!).

When one gets obsessed with leaving moderately good graffiti everywhere, there's only one thing to do - fuel that passion. So, at the first chance we got, Jason and I high-tailed it to the Springville Museum of Art. I could go on and on about that beautiful Spanish Colonial building and how much I love it, but that's another blog post entirely. Suffice it to say that it was really fun to walk around and pretend to be world-famous art critics together. Also, there are a ton of horsey sculptures there, so Jason was in heaven.

Something about going to an art museum on a rainy Thursday morning makes you feel that much more sophisticated and smart. Jason and I talked in British accents the whole way home, and used words like "conclusively" and "in this God-forsaken hour of 11am" because, as anybody knows, that's what art critics say :)

More fall break shenanigans coming soon! 
I'm trying not to think about my early meetings tomorrow...


  1. Loved the title of this post, hehe. That's neat that Jason's into art! I love the Springville museum too. Cool cool place and I agree the building is gorgeous. :D

  2. Yay for horsies! So fun that he likes to draw them (:

  3. Beauty and the Beast reference for the win!

    1. You recognized the reference! You just got 5 points cooler :)

  4. I see at least one Brian Kershisnik and maybe a Minerva Teichert? I wish I had actually gone there when I was at BYU. It's lovely!

  5. you look so cute!!! And my friend had her reception at the Sprinville MOA-- soooo lovely!

  6. You are the coolest mom (if that's what you call yourself) ever! I love seeing what you guys are up to!!


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