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October 10, 2013

blogging from paradise today

This post coming to you today from a place of paradise. Okay fine I'm typing at my kitchen table, but I really am feelin great this morning. It's fall break! A four-day weekend! Here are some of my grand plans:

1. Read read read - my students and I have a contest this weekend. Every student who reads more minutes than I do over the weekend gets a prize. I'm not that rich, people, so I need to read a lot to minimize the number of stick-on mustaches I'll be buying next week :)

2. Shoot a wedding - I know, I know. I'm not a "real" photographer. But they asked me to help with their big day anyway, and I'm pretty excited about it. Despite my paranoia that something will go wrong with my camera and I'll ruin their entire wedding.... But seriously.

3. Take pictures of fall - Inevitably this will involve me making Jason come on multiple trips up the canyon.

4. Hang out with Meg-o! My Meg-o is visiting this weekend, and I'm so excited to see her and hang out with the family. As much as the men in my family rock, I'm really looking forward to some good 'ole fashioned girl time this weekend.

This morning I woke up an hour later than normal (still freakishly early though, nobody panic), laid in bed finishing a book, and made a nice hot breakfast for my family. We haven't sat down to a breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and fruit in FOREVER, and this felt like a great day to start. So welcome, fall break. I have a really good feeling about you :)


  1. Meghan is coming?! Oh how I love and miss her!

    1. I know! I'm so glad she could come this weekend :)

  2. Please tell her to call me! She's the best! -Megan Helms :)


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