Silver Lining: things I'm bad at

October 8, 2013

things I'm bad at

being ready for my picture to be taken (haha my face!)

washing my face at night

catching something thrown from across the room

catching a pen thrown from two feet away

catching anything

scheduled blog posts

Fast Sunday, 4pm

staying on my side of the bed

sharing the blankets

being a cute sleeper (my mouth hangs open, and sometimes I drool.) (It's really a miracle Sam still sleeps in the same bed as me.)

looking cute while exercising

doing subtraction in my head (don't tell my students)

doing cute things to my hair (I've tried about 50 cute little front bang braids. None of them have worked.)

saying no to people who ask me to take on projects

serious conversations, 9:30pm or later

returning emails

getting crucial vaccinations


saying no to ice cream

turning the oven off

wearing pants

controlling my allergies when my picture is being taken (sneezing pictures not shown for the good of the public)

The good news is that making cookies for people is one of my most singular talents. A batch of fresh cookies goes a loooooong way when it comes to bed hogging or failing to reply to an important email. Also, according to my student today, "it's okay! I'll probably be like that when I'm your age!"

Thanks kiddo. Let's push on through the hard times together, shall we?

PS guess what tomorrow is? 

(The hilarious Danica did a post like this a while back too.)


  1. Happy fall break! Ours isn't until next week but I am SOOOO excited!

  2. This is a hilarious and educational and empowering post too on what we should all try harder at or do better at! :) Thanks! I love the catching things at a distance or at all- ha ha lol I need to learn to catch too. (and spell since I misspelled catch, 4 times) happy to learn fun things about my you and all other blogger friends!~

  3. I wouldn't get vaccinations if I were you. They will only make you more sick. But everything else on your list, I would love to meet the person who is good at all that!

  4. I love what the kid said about you!! :P But seriously, catching things is hard. When people try to toss something to me, I usually just say, "No."

  5. I'm terrible with math as well...that's why I'm an English and history teacher, not math!
    Our Fairy Tale


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