Silver Lining: breakfast, brunch, elevensies

October 7, 2013

breakfast, brunch, elevensies

Twice a year, my church holds a worldwide broadcast on television. So, instead of going to church that week, I get to spend the weekend with my family, in our pajamas, watching church on TV. For our family, it also means eating (and eating and eating and eating....).

Seriously though, it was german pancakes, sausages and fresh fruit for breakfast, croissant sandwiches, salad, and more fruit for lunch, snacks during the conference sessions, and full-on homemade Cafe Rio with everything on it for dinner. Not to mention the mint chocolate brownie ganache concoction we enjoyed for dessert. Krysti is a master chef. Also, I think it's weird that I just blogged my entire Sunday menu. Oh well. Wish I could say I was going on an extra-long run tonight, but let's be honest, the chances of me even exercising tonight are 50-50 at best.

Here are a few snapshots from our german pancake breakfast. I realize they're actually called crepes, and german pancakes are something else entirely, but for us, they're called german pancakes and they always will be. Case closed.

I love love love conference weekend. I get to relax with my family all weekend long. But most importantly, I get to hear from the my Church leaders, whose message are inspired by God. As always, I love the straightforward talks the most. Our leaders do such a great job of addressing modern-day, relevant, hot-topic issues with clarity and kindness. They're not afraid to say exactly what's right and wrong, and how to live so that you have peace, joy and happiness. And all those talks about womanhood and its role in the church? Amen. Loved them.

PS do people literally sit with their laptop and Photoshop open during conference? It cracks me up how fast some of these people can turn out printables when conference is over. Then they're alllll over pinterest for the next little while. That being said, here are two of my faves from the weekend:

printables via

Happy Monday!
I'm off to a three-day week, and then fall break.
If you watched conference, what was your favorite talk?


  1. Yum!!! Your guys' meals look delicious :)

  2. Food is up there for the top things about General Conference.

  3. I was sitting at the airport looking on Instagram yesterday and I think every single one of my friends included a shot of their Conference breakfast. So funny. Your food looked super yummy especially the "German Pancakes."

  4. Ahh your crepes look so good! (I mean german pancakes!) Off to make some for myself.
    xo Julie


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