Silver Lining: my students say the darnedest things {vol. 3}

October 3, 2013

my students say the darnedest things {vol. 3}

When I first got hired in upper grades, I thought I wouldn't have as many funny comments as I got when I did cohort teaching in younger grades. Oh boy, was I wrong. I crack up, or rather, try not to crack up, every single day with these kids. Here are a few choice comments of the year so far, by the students at my school. This post brought to you by the letter L and the number 15.

Me: "That's right. The overall theme in the Harry Potter books is that love is the strongest magic."
Student: *loud gasp* "I knew it! I knew it!"

Student: "My shoulder aches, I'm seeing white spots, I'm pretty sure my groin is broken, and my head's been shrinking all morning!" (he was serious. bless him.)

Teacher: "Another common simile is 'as wise as Solomon.' Does anyone know who Solomon was?"
Student: "I do! It's the bad guy from Lord of the Rings, and he was NOT wise!"

Overheard on the field trip: "Does your mom ever smell your hair when you get out of the shower to make sure you washed it? Mine does."

Student talking to his teacher in the hall: "It's not my fault! He DARED me to throw it!"

Student caught in my classroom during recess: "Sorry, I know I'm not supposed to be in here.... but um... well my friend said that teachers sleep here during parent teacher conferences, and I think she's lying but I had to come look for a sleeping bag."

Apology letter from a student to a teacher: "Sorry I put ice cubes down his back during science. My dad says I'm in a hard stage of life right now."

At recess on their phones: "Mrs. Emery, which one is right? u r cool, or ur cool?"

I have never ever EVER been bored at my job. Not even once. And I wouldn't have it any other way :)
Happy Thursday!

volume 1 here, volume 2 here


  1. I think I'm going to adopt and use the broken groin, head shrinking line.

  2. hahaha! Oh man that's crazy. I love the interesting things that kids of all ages say! And Saruman vs. Solomon....too funny!

  3. These are classic! I absolutely love them! Especially the "my dad says I'm in a hard stage of life." It is always incredibly to me how "spongey" these kids are... they soak up EVERYTHING.

  4. Absolutely hilarious. My favorite is the "Solomon" one. Hahahahaha. I'm curious how you responded. And btw I love the pictures you've posted here!! That shade of green looks gorgeous on you!

  5. So awesome. I should start writing down the things my sunbeams say. They are hilarious.

  6. I am dying over that "my dad says I'm in a hard stage of life" line. Hahaha oh man. Out of the mouths of babes...


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