Silver Lining: the hazards of living with a mini astronomer

September 30, 2013

the hazards of living with a mini astronomer

Hazard #1: You'll be up way before dawn on a weekend to look at Jupiter.

Hazard #2: Your yard will have too much light, so an early-morning trip to a nearby park will become necessary.

Hazard #3: You'll see awesome views of Jupiter and three of its moons. At the price of losing your fingers to frost bite.

Hazard #4: You'll leave when it gets close to dawn. You'll carry a big clunky telescope up a few flights of stairs when your astronomer becomes too tired on the way home. Predawn stargazing is a tiring thing for a 12-year-old.

Hazard #5: Your astronomer will easily fall back asleep for another 3 hours. You will not (darn teacher schedule, all used to being up early!).

Let's just say I have a LOT to learn when it comes to moonlight photography, but was fun freezing my fingers off while trying anyway! I sure love my ward of the state despite these early trips he makes me go on ;)

And PS thank you to everyone who was so kind on this post. Besides the astronomy foray, I basically slept allllll weekend, and it did wonders for my cold. Now I'm back and at 'em and ready for parent teacher conferences this week. Bring it on!

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