Silver Lining: the only time orange is a great color

October 28, 2013

the only time orange is a great color

My high school colors were bright orange and black (go BHS! and stuff...). That means, for 11 months of the year, school spirit was obnoxious and loud and in-your-face, and for October, it looked like we were just reeeeally excited for Halloween. I still remember my French teacher ranting on and on about how garish and terrible the color orange is ("C'est terrible!"). And really, it is. It can be so harsh and draining.

That's why fall is so amazing. All that orange, but not in a neon-colored, mass-produced t-shirt kind of way. It's really one of my favorite colors, when it's used right. And fall knows how to work the color orange ;)

These pictures were taken at my family's house over the weekend. The day will never come when I openly admit to liking yard work (that would undo all the hard work I put into complaining about yard work growing up, and we can't have that!), but let's just say spending the afternoon in the sunshine and crisp air and gorgeous colors with my family wasn't the most terrible way I could think of to spend my Saturday afternoon.

A few of these are from a little farmer's market we passed on the way home, but most are of the backyard.


Aren't those furry deer so cute? Dad says they're not so cute when they eat all the bushes in the front yard, but I like them.

And now it's Halloween week at school! Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year at my school, and it's so fun. I kind of feel like I'm running around like a crazy person all week long, but hey. That's what teaching is on holidays :)


  1. I never thought of that. I'm not an orange fan either but it is such a BEAUTIFUL color in the fall. I'm always happy to see the different shades of orange in the pumpkins and on the trees. So gorgeous!

  2. Orange is my favorite color.
    I really like the rainbow spectrum of leaves!

  3. The deer is a love/hate relationship. I love them when they are in the fields. I hate them eating the bushes. I also call them food storage in case of a famine.

  4. Wow the deer picture is gorgeous!! And so many of the others as well! I like the one where you lined up leaf colors like a rainbow. Way fun. :)

  5. all those photos are breathtaking. Orange is just so beautiful right now!

  6. gorgeous gorgeous photos!!!!!

  7. We've had a lovely fall this year!


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