Silver Lining: what Halloween looks like in the 5th grade

November 1, 2013

what Halloween looks like in the 5th grade

Halloween in elementary schools is the best ever. Seriously. The kids are so darn excited about everything! Picking out their costume, wearing their costume to school, seeing everyone else's costume, eating candy in their costume, trying to kill each other in their costume.... :)

 Halloween is such a crazy, but fun, day. Our school does a gigantic Halloween parade, so we get to go sit in the hall, watch people walk past, and then join the parade. Then we have a class party after lunch. I'm two for two on fabulous room moms, and our party was so great! They planned everything, and the kids loved it. I wish I could post pictures of  the best part of the day - my cute students in their costumes!  Instead, here are a few pictures of Halloween in the 5th grade, sans students.

their haunted houses - a 5th grade tradition at our school

they made the cutest luminaries complete with a fake candle (above) and some awesome slime (below)

For those of you asked yesterday about my Mary Poppins costume: it was the easiest ever to make! The skirt was left over from my choir days, I already had the shirt, jacket, umbrella, boots, and white gloves. I bought a black hat from Walmart and hot glued flowers to it, and I borrowed the bow tie from my brother. The hardest part was figuring out how to tie the dang bow tie so it wouldn't be crooked :)

How was your Halloween?
Spooky? Fun? 
Involving 30 kids on sugar highs?


  1. Looks so fun! Out here in Babylon we can't do anything at school, not even costumes. :(

  2. So cute! I love your costume!!! :)

  3. Your costume is the best! And even better that it was easy to put together! Haha. Halloween in elementary school is the best and it looks like it was extra awesome in your classroom!

  4. How cute!!! I love the haunted house and your costume! Thank you so much for linking up with the Fall Fancy! XO Courtney


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