Silver Lining: Sandy Hook Revisited: thoughts from an elementary school teacher, one year later

December 16, 2013

Sandy Hook Revisited: thoughts from an elementary school teacher, one year later

I was once asked how much time I spend getting my posts perfect before I publish them. Perfect? Ha! Almost none of my posts are perfect. They're usually rushed and typed at 5 in the morning and barely proofread. That's just what you have to do as a blogger/full-time worker/everything else that I am. If you wait until every post is perfect, you won't have any posts. That being said, I can count 3 or 4 posts that I really do feel I got right. Maybe 5.

Last year's post on Sandy Hook from an elementary teacher's perspective was one of those. I feel like I actually got it right. (You can read it HERE if you'd like. It's one of my top viewed and shared posts.)

On Friday, almost one year after Sandy Hook, I found myself thinking a lot about my sweet children. Of course they're crazy for winter break and of course they're hyper after so many days of inside recess. But they're so good! They are respectful and hard-working. They help each other. They want to learn, and they want me to teach them everything I know. They're creative and intuitive and expressive. 

Of course bad things are going to happen. But mostly, in times like this, I see the good. Since last year, we have policemen in our school daily, patrolling the halls, eating lunch with the students, asking all the right questions. It's kind of sad to think that this is the world my students will grow up in - a world that requires daily police presence even in an elementary school - but it's also a good world. So many good and brave people doing good and brave things.

This is one of my favorite essays about Sandy Hook. It's short and isn't designed to pull at your heartstrings. I didn't even cry when I read it. It's just an example of really good writing. I recommend you read it HERE.

This video did pull at my heartstrings a little, but I love it. It's so sweet and simple. Evil did not win that day. Watch it HERE.

And lastly, I want to leave with you these pictures from Angel Day. Each year, I get balloons, tie notes and pictures to them, and send them to heaven to tell my mom about the most important things that happened over the year. This year, the balloons were blue to match the color of her eyes and cream to match the color of the roses at her funeral. (Thank you for all the cards, chocolate, and most of all kind words and hugs on Friday!)

The holidays sure are a funny time. So many bad things, so many good things. The next few posts are definitely more light-hearted than the last two have been. This week is featuring: my birthday! The last week before winter break! And the point at which my students go certifiably insanely hyper from all the Christmas cheer!

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