Silver Lining: DIY glitter hair clips

January 14, 2014

DIY glitter hair clips

One afternoon during break, I found myself alone, with only two old bottles of glitter for company. So, I searched through my craft box (which should probably be named the box of death, since I put things in that box that never resurface again). After a few pinterest searches it came to me - glitter! And those old hair clips I got forever ago!

Et voila. I read these directions from The Average Girl's Guide to get me started.

1. sand down top of clips
2. paint with mod podge
3. apply glitter
4. dry
5. mod podge and glitter again
5. dry
6. one last sealing layer of mod podge
6. DONE.

The real question is - does a glitter craft exist that doesn't cause you to blow your nose three days later and have glitter come out? And do we really care, because, I mean, glitter is always worth it. 


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