Silver Lining: Time to vote! Will the male dominance continue or will we have a girl?

January 15, 2014

Time to vote! Will the male dominance continue or will we have a girl?

So here's the thing about my family. I have only one sister and five brothers.

Here's the thing about my husband's family. He has only one sister and six brothers.

Needless to say, we both grew up in male-dominated households (remember when I wrote about how boys are better to grow up with?).

So the question is - what will our little apple be? Will it continue the male dominance and be a boy? Or will it break tradition and be a little girl?

We have an ultrasound on Saturday, and I'm so excited for the chance to find out what our little baby is! I'm only 16 weeks though, and I have this feeling that we'll be told the baby's sex with only a 75 or 80% chance, and then it will turn out to be the opposite of what they predicted. That would totally drive me crazy. I think I'd rather not know unless they're sure!

Okay fine, I'd rather know, even if they're not sure :)

My husband and I feel like it's a girl - which probably guarantees that it will be a boy :) I'm always wrong about these types of things. We did all those hilarious midwives tales to see what we're having, and according to that, we're having some sort of cross-gender alien. It's fine.

So cast your votes on my sidebar!

Moms out there - can you trust the ultrasound tech if they say it's an 80% chance? I feel like I've heard so many stories otherwise.

**Also of note: My husband works with 14- and 15-year-old boys at church, and one of them gave us a list of acceptable gender-neutral names. Tomm, Blanket, Quartz, and Abstinence are my favorites. Also, he won't come to church again if we don't choose a name from the list, sooo..... Blanket it is!


  1. Okay, so, based on your food aversion list, I predict a boy. I craved the same foods as you've listed (sour patch kids, fruit) with Camden and I craved salty Mexican food with Allie.

    Here's my ultrasound advice. Drink a bottle of OJ and eat some more Sour Patch Kids about 30 min before your appointment. That way your little "Blanket" will the dancing around so you can see the goods. :)

    Good luck! This is super exciting stuff!

    1. It is NEVER a problem to ask me to eat more sour patch kids ;) I've heard from lots of people to sugar up before my ultrasound to get my baby moving, and I'm definitely going to try it. Thanks!

    2. Yay, good luck! Please post the news (or text it to me) ASAP! :)

    3. Wouldn't it be great if sugaring up solved all pregnancy problems?? And I'm putting in a vote for the name Abstinence.

  2. I think girl. But I thought girl for mine and was wrong too. I've heard if they tell you its a boy it will be a boy, but if they say its a girl it could be wrong. My friends was wrong early on but hopefully yours won't be!!

  3. I thought Ellie would be a boy till about two weeks before the ultrasound. Then I had a dream she was a girl and just knew! Haha. We had our ultrasound early and she was 80% positive it was a girl and she was correct! Can't wait to find out!!!!! Yay!

  4. It's a girl. I can feel it. hahaha. I honestly have no idea.
    But you will name her Abstinence. So prime. hahahahaha

  5. we had ours done early and lil miss had her legs WIDE open, so it was about a 95% chance our tech was right ;) jeff guessed girl and i thought boy from the beginning, but it's so hard to tell! i'm guessing girl for you :)

  6. eeee i can't wait for you to find out!

  7. I have a feeling it will be a little miss...

  8. If they say 80% chance I would not count on it, but hopefully you'll get more certainty than that. With each of my 4 babies, the tech said I am 100% sure and she was right. I'm rooting for a girl for you because that's what I'm having after 3 boys in a row!!!


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