Silver Lining: crossing this bridge is symbolic of my reality TV love

February 19, 2014

crossing this bridge is symbolic of my reality TV love

When it comes to making fun of reality TV, it's really hard to know where to start. I can rarely watch more than 10 minutes in a row without feeling my IQ dropping. One of the funniest and weirdest things is when Bachelor contestants compare whatever's happening on their dates to true love. "The geyser was erupting just like our love was erupting!" "The heat from the sun was not as strong as the heat between us!" "If we can walk through a highly televised cave in which there are absolutely no real safety concerns together, we can walk through the hard times in life together!"

On Monday when I had the day off, Krysti, two of my sisters, and I went for a photo walk. (Just keep reading, this all ties together in the end.) We came across an old historically preserved cabin, and it was really cool to photograph. Then we found this old bridge (that will be a stunning location when things start to turn green in a few months). And for some reason, as I took pictures and walked over the bridge, I kept thinking of lame reality TV analogies. "Photographing this bridge is like photographing the bridges to my future!" "This missing slat is like the missing pieces in my life!" and others that are far too embarrassing to mention.

Moral of the story? Never watch the Bachelor, ever, not even for 10 minutes. Weird things start happening to you when you photograph an old bridge.

We also came across an outdoor aviary filled with all sorts of gorgeous exotic birds. I don't know how those birds are kept alive in the middle of a cold Utah winter, but they were beautiful nonetheless (excuse the cage lines).

And there you go. A post about the Bachelor, an old bridge, and exotic birds. You're welcome, world, for this great literary and visual contribution.


  1. None I won't be able to stop wondering how they keep the birds alive! Were there people there?

  2. There was a house nearby. But no heater or anything. Quite the mystery. Also, the bird in that last pic kept hissing at us and charging us. It was quite exciting.


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