Silver Lining: we officially have a teenager on our hands!

March 20, 2014

we officially have a teenager on our hands!

It's about to get crazy up in here... today we officially have a thirteen-year-old!

Today, our crazy, talented, same-shirt wearing, clarinet-playing, athletic, hilarious, ward of the state becomes a teenager. In true Jason style, he requested a plain chocolate cake "in a normal pan, with gummy worms that I can decorate it with." So that's exactly what he's getting. A plain chocolate cake in a normal pan (which I think is a 9x13?) and a bag of gummy worms that he can shove in his cake to his heart's content. Oh, and a can of store-bought frosting was on the list too.

Also on today's docket: going to Jason's band concert, Zupas for dinner, and giving him a gift that for once in my life I think I nailed (see previous post about how terrible I am at gift giving).

Anyone who knows Jason will agree that he's the raddest kid around. We are so lucky that he came to live with us. It's always an adventure, and we love having the guy here. Many happy returns, little dude!

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