Silver Lining: Covey and Ellie: the reception

May 21, 2014

Covey and Ellie: the reception

Part one of my little brother's wedding HERE. This is the last of the wedding pictures, I promise. They also happen to be my favorite of the bunch.

What can I say about Covey and Ellie's wedding reception? Like all good receptions, there was yummy food, awesome relatives, and a few fun surprises along the way. Basically it was one big party! Even though Ellie's side of the family definitely showed us up during the dancing. I think the biggest takeaway from the wedding day is that my side of the family has the bigger crybabies, and their side has the better dancers. haha!

Here are a few pictures of the bride and groom before the reception:

The whole fam. Yes, we had a cardboard cutout of my missionary brother... He even crowd surfed during the dancing :)

loved this candid shot of the couple

Still dreaming about the key lime pie shots...

my brothers all wore crazy socks under their suits 

the official reception puppy

gorgeous views out the window of the sunset

my brother and his roommates surprised Ellie by singing her a song - a jazzed up version of My Girl

It was such a fun day, and I'm so happy for my brother! I have to admit I was one tired pregnant lady by the time we got home late on Saturday... So tired that I slept right through church the next morning. Oops! 


  1. How pretty! I love their centerpieces. We had Key Lime Pie shots at our reception too. Lovely pictures!

    1. Mmmmm key lime pie :) One of my all-time faves. Good choice for your reception :)

  2. AnonymousMay 21, 2014

    These photos are stunning. I love the last picture! So adorable :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Love the cardboard cut out, ha!

    1. Thanks! The cardboard cutout is a little tacky, but we definitely had fun with it. And you should have seen all the weird looks we got carrying that thing around Salt Lake City haha

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