Silver Lining: leaving during the most chaotic time...

May 23, 2014

leaving during the most chaotic time...

This is kind of how the last two weeks of school goes:

CHAOS - final reports and projects - CHAOS - dance festival - CHAOS - performing in assemblies - CHAOS - cleaning out your room - CHAOS - realizing how much you're going to miss your cute class - MORE CHAOS - finalizing grades and missing work - CHAOS - making student portfolios - CHAOS - scrubbing out desks - CHAOS.

In other words, lots and lot of chaos mixed in with lots and lots of fun activities and a few big chores. It is a total sprint to the finish. It's also the time of so many after-school activities and projects. In fact, Wednesday was the first day in about a week and a half that I arrived home before 7:30pm (just ask the big pile of dishes in the sink how much care and attention I've had to spare at home lately).

That being said, my teacher friends and I are leaving in the midst of all this craziness for a weekend away in St. George. It might not be the wisest thing we've ever done (all the other teachers are cleaning out their rooms this weekend), but we are so excited. Yes, it's the last week of school, but it's also the last week we'll all be teaching together, and that's something that calls for an end-of-year teacher getaway. Come at us, St. George! We're ready!

Our St. George trip last year. Yes, we bought matching shirts :)


  1. Have fun! And it's hectic but sometimes you just need a break during this time of the year.


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