Silver Lining: May Madness

May 14, 2014

May Madness

The month of May is historically one of my craziest months ever. This May is no exception.

It's the last month of school, and that alone means end-of-year projects and parties and crowd control and wrapping up the million things that teachers wrap up at the end of the year. Not to mention I need to clean out my classroom, but one can't just clean out their classroom. There's an order to it. You have to start kind of sneakily by going through files and things, because the second you start ripping down bulletin boards, the kids get a signal to their brain that says "no math bulletin board? The school year must be over! I can go crazy!" And I mean, really. We had a full-on area and perimeter lesson yesterday. The year ain't over yet, folks! Note the perfectly in-tact math bulletin board!

May is also the month of parties when I probably shouldn't be partying. My teaching team and I are skipping out one weekend for a teacher getaway (teacher getaways sound terribly boring to the untrained brain, but trust me, I work with the biggest party animals alive. I'm so stoked). Also, my little brother's getting married this weekend (what!). Family is in town, there are get-togethers to be had, flower crowns to make, missionary brothers to Skype with, and all the crazy goodness that comes with a family wedding.

Not to mention this big squirmy tummy I'm lugging around everywhere with me :) And the many doctors appointments and Braxton Hicks contractions and exhaustion and pure excitement that comes with it. Also I can't seem to suppress the urge to clean things and make things for the baby room, even when that urge comes at terribly unfortunate times, like 10:00pm, which as we all know is way past any respectable teacher's bedtime.

Here's a glimpse of the madness I've already been up to this month:
see what I mean about the late-night crafting?

 One from the baby room. Pictured here is my mother's day flowers and a baby blanket from grandma Morrell.

 Can't believe she'll be my sister this weekend! My brother sure picked a good one :)

A student made this for me to demonstrate the class behavior / teacher mood relationship. As the class gets crazier, I can move the temperature to show that the teacher is getting grumpier. Ha!

You know, making time for the important things like nail polish :)

Trying to keep up with this dude who won't stop growing. (He also played in an awesome band concert yesterday, by the way.)

Celebrating this one's birthday.

The good news is that May is also one of my best months historically. Bring on the next few weeks!
And then bring on June where I can get all the sleep I need and start focusing on having this baby.

PS All pictures from my instagram @brookejanette


  1. Hey, email me...who is your Grandma Morrell...seeing as that's my married name and I'm wondering...

    1. Will do! It's actually my husband's grandma, not mine.


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