Silver Lining: choosing happiness this Mother's Day

May 11, 2014

choosing happiness this Mother's Day

Yesterday afternoon, I had a few minutes to go visit my mom's cemetery. Mother's Day is a really sad day for me, and I usually let myself indulge in that sadness one day a year. But this year, I want it to be a happy day. I was blessed with 19 years of shared existence with my mom (19 whole years!), and she taught me what I want to be like when I'm a mom.

I'm happy for all the memories I have of my mom. She drove a huge loud van, she opted for bananas in her cheerios every morning, and she loved a good novel.

I'm happy for step-moms, aunts, friends, teachers, and the many other amazing women who have been mothers to me.

I'm happy that my mom gets to be with my baby girl right now, bonding with her and getting her ready to come down to Earth soon.

I'm happy for Mother's Day, a day to celebrate moms, friends, grandmas, and women everywhere - whether or not they're an actual mother.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. your attitude, faith, and optimism is amazing! Thanks for inspiring me!


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