Silver Lining: to the man of the house (the edited version)

May 9, 2014

to the man of the house (the edited version)

So here's what happened. What started out as a quick birthday post to celebrate my husband turned into a long, ridiculously sappy love post. As in, I sat at my laptop crying and typing about how much I love him. Really. It was quite terrible. Absolutely dripping with cheesiness (it started with "he was the best choice I ever made" and spiraled down quickly from there).

Sappy is so NOT my husband's style. Low-key, non-spotlight, funny is more his style. So here's a low-key, non-spotlight way to say it:

It is your birthday.

The end. (But really, I love the guy.) Many happy returns, crazy bearded dude! Let's have an adventure!

*Sidenote: if all else fails, I now know I have a career in writing sappy things. Like, people who forget an occasion in their significant other's life can hire me to write them a cheesy love note that will win them back. Or Hallmark could hire me to write cards for their "Vomitously Romantic" card section.

**Picture from an adventure in Moab. Please admire our matchy match shirts and shoe tan lines.


  1. Please tell me "It is your birthday." was meant to be from The Office.

    1. Yes it is! And you are a cool person because you got that.


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