Silver Lining: when Thursday evening calls for a treat

May 1, 2014

when Thursday evening calls for a treat

Two of the three people in this household are avid donut lovers who prefer donuts to any other dessert. They also happen to be brothers. They also happen to be called Sam and Jason. The third person in this household has feelings for donuts that range anywhere from ambivalence to slight aversion. And she has never ever craved a donut, ever. Ew. She also happens to be me.

But sometimes, it's Thursday after dinner. And it's gorgeous and warm outside. And a certain breadwinner in the family just got a promotion at work (my husband is a rockstar. the end.). So we all convinced ourselves that some sort of celebration was in order.

That's how we ended up at the Art City Donuts food truck. I'd been hearing all about them for a loooong time (read: seeing people post mouthwatering pics on instagram), and even for a donut non-enthusiast like me, they looked good. So we went.

Yup. They totally lived up to expectations. And then some.

the chocolate was literally dripping off the sides, people. that's a sign that you made a good choice.

Sooooooo yummy. I'm not ready to renounce my life-long tendency to pick ice cream over donuts, but honestly, if you're forced to go get donuts with the men in your life on a Thursday evening, donut food trucks aren't a bad way to go :)

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  1. Holy cow! Justin and I may have to try some and soon!!!!

  2. I'm definitely an ice cream over donuts girl, but these look sooo good. Makes me kinda sad we're not in Utah anymore!

    1. Next time you come visit - hit it up! It's yummy :)

  3. Those look so yummy! FUN!

  4. Ok I'm also not a huge donut fan but I've heard great things about the donut truck so we'll have to try it! Congrats on the great news!


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