Silver Lining: the Jason: a post that doesn't exist

April 28, 2014

the Jason: a post that doesn't exist

So the one and only Jason was helping me with this post, and he went through six or seven title ideas. "Why I don't have swag," "Jason the swag machine," "I once did the pleasant stare to the Mayor of Provo" and "the tabloids tell you what the government won't about aliens" were among the top candidates. Until he decided posting anything is way too embarrassing for a cool 13-year-old like him, and he should pretend this whole blog post doesn't exist. (Me? Not post anything?? When there are handsome pictures of the Jason sitting on my desktop?)

So, if he asks, deny everything! You never read this! This post doesn't exist! You did not see pictures of his handsome face! Nor did you glimpse his everyday creativity!

But really, this guy is so rad. We think we'll keep him around for a while.


  1. Haha he sure is handsome. 13 is such a pivotal age, we need more good young men like him!

    1. Thanks so much! He is pretty darn awesome :)

  2. You're all pretty darn awesome!


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