Silver Lining: a black and white maternity shoot

June 13, 2014

a black and white maternity shoot

Earlier this week, I got the chance to snap a few pictures of my blogging friend Tayler and her growing belly. She's due a few weeks after me, and it's been fun to read about her pregnancy. Once when I posted pictures I took for a friend, I was put on gomi as a total fake photographer (ha! I am!), so let me just reiterate one more time - I'm not a professional photographer! It's just fun to snap pictures of my friends as I build my portfolio and get better.

I can't get enough of black and white photos these days, but I'm sure if you check Tayler's blog in the next few days you can find the color version of these pictures, plus a lot more.

Plus one in color so I can show off this girl's gorgeous red hair:

So excited for Tayler and her sweet little boy!


  1. Thanks Brooke! You are awesome! I love how they turned out!

  2. Aww! These are too cute!



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