Silver Lining: a trip to heaven and back

June 20, 2014

a trip to heaven and back

Last Friday I was officially 37 weeks pregnant, which is technically full-term. To celebrate, Sam and I traveled across two states for a family reunion! Sam was definitely worried about me going into labor so far from our hospital, our doctor, and civilization in general, so we packed the car seat and the hospital bag in the trunk and took it with us. It felt like something crazy, worried first-time parents do, but hey, I guess that's what we are! (In case you're actually worried: we got permission from my doctor, and I took it very easy the whole time.)

I grew up going to Hebgen Lake every summer. As such, part of my identity is based on that tiny corner of Montana: the smell of sagebrush plains, sunburns on the pebbly beach, bouncy ATV rides up the mountain, and my grandma's homemade cooking. This year was colder and more rainy than most, so we spent a lot of time inside, doing smaller excursions in between rainstorms, and NOT getting sunburned on the beach like usual. Even so, it was such a wonderful and relaxing vacation. I love that place, mosquitoes and all!

Where's your place that feels like home away from home?

P.S. All pictures from my instagram @brookejanette


  1. How fun! I'm so glad you got to do something so fun before your baby comes!

  2. This makes me seriously ache for camping! I haven't gone in forever!


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