Silver Lining: one thing you should never say no to

June 4, 2014

one thing you should never say no to

There are some things in life you shouldn't say no to. Snow cones, of course. Free prep periods at school. Another shade of coral nail polish for your collection. Mysterious benefactors who pay you millions annually (this hasn't happened to me, but rest assured, if it did, I would definitely accept).

Another one of those things you shouldn't say no to is the red rocks of southern Utah. There's something about these rocks that are just so gorgeous. I honestly can't get over them. Even if it's a last-minute, short trip, just say yes. You won't regret it! These pictures are from our teacher trip a few weeks ago. My husband was adamant about not putting myself into labor by doing a strenuous hike when he was 6 hours away, so we opted for just a little walk to Dixie rock to watch the sun set. It was so beautiful up there.

And now I'm finally caught up on old posts from the last crazy weeks of school (yahoo!). Onward to new happenings. Mainly how pregnant I am. And how many otter pops I eat per day, which may or may not be a number in the low 20s...

What's on your list of things you shouldn't say no to?


  1. Oh wow those photos are all gorgeous! It is on both mine and John's bucket list to go to Utah to see those red rocks :D Amen to the snow cones.


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