Silver Lining: two school baby showers

June 2, 2014

two school baby showers

At my school, baby and bridal showers are an after-school, everyone comes, yummy food is provided type of affair. My teaching team threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago, and it was awesome. I came away from that shower feeling so loved by everyone in the school. Not to mention all the generous gifts I got that we desperately needed (a baby bath! a swing! diapers! wipes! clothes!). If you're sick of hearing about how awesome people at my school are - too bad! Because they are so great, and I was definitely spoiled.

Here are a few pictures from the day. Please excuse the weird library lighting and the construction in the background.

 The next week, I also had a mom volunteer throw me a little baby shower in my classroom. It was SO CUTE! She was amazing to do the whole thing by herself, and my students loved it (probably because it was during math time...). Here's what she did:

  • Every student was invited to bring their favorite children's book with a little note in it. Teachers love books, and it was a perfect way to build up a little library for my baby girl. Now I'll remember my students every time I read my baby a book. (They even have a pretty good selection of books at the dollar store for families on a budget.)
  • We played The Price is Right - baby style. Each student had to guesstimate the cost of baby items, and then we added up the actual cost to see who was closest (it was a fun way to sneak in a little review of adding decimals too).
  • A bunch of candy bars were lined up on the whiteboard, and my mom volunteer would say a baby-related phrase. Students had to guess which candy bar it matched with (triplets = 3 musketeers, a girl's name = Baby Ruth, bottles = Milky Way, etc.)
  • Each student filled out a paper with their baby predictions and advice (which were all put in a cute binder for me). This was easily the best part of the whole shower! My baby will range from 3 inches long to 3.5 feet long. It will be born anywhere from last month to Christmas Day 2015. I should name her anything from Baby Jr to Oprah Winfrey. Oh, and the most repeated advice: don't drop her on her head! 
  • Then we had pink cupcakes with owl decals on top.

Thank you so much to Mikki for my classroom shower and to my team for my school shower! I am one lucky girl, and my baby will be so spoiled!


  1. SO darling! I am so excited for you!

    1. Thanks! I can't take credit for any of it though - it was all my awesome friends :)

  2. You are so lucky! How fun!

    1. I really am. It's all thanks to the awesome people at my school.


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