Silver Lining: when it comes to the end

May 30, 2014

when it comes to the end

Today, I slid my nameplate out of its holder, locked my classroom for the last time, and turned my keys in. It's been a day of lots of laughter, and lots of tears (my kids said I should say I'm sweating out of my eyeballs, or else blame it on the fact that I'm pregnant).

Mostly, I want it down on public record that my years of teaching 5th grade at Meadow Elementary have been one of the greatest privileges of my entire life. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have been able to be part of that staff. I have been able to work with the most amazing students, parents, and faculty on the planet. They have taught me how to be a better teacher, friend, mom, and human being just by being around them.

Whew! Sometime soon I"ll stop crying. Goodness gracious.

And now - on to the next great adventure!


  1. It is hard! I did the same thing yesterday--turned in my keys and said goodbye to my dear coworkers. I'm praying for you during this transition! Have an amazing summer!

    1. It's so tough, huh? Thank you for your sweet comment Jenna. I hope you have an amazing summer as well!

  2. Wow! Best of luck in the transition! I know what it's like to leave something good for something better....bittersweet!

    <3 Daryl
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    1. Thanks so much Daryl! You're right, it's hard, but it's good when you leave something good for something better.

  3. I am sure it was not easy closing that door & locking it for the last time... Memories can be great but they can also be sad too all at the same time.. Good luck on the transition!


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